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Tax area

The Practice provides assistance in all areas of Tax and Legal, both to individuals and Companies.

More specifically, the Practice deals with:

Company and Statutory reorganisations

  • Assistance with regard to inheritance issues
  • The creation and/or management of trusts, including offshore trusts

Extraordinary Operations

  • Preliminary analysis of the legal framework requirements for merger, demerger, transformation and conferral operations
  • A study of the tax and statutory effects of the above operations
  • The related requirements to render the above mentioned operations effective
  • Business Plan preparation

Company acquisitions

  • Consultancy advice regarding the buy/sell issues of companies and shareholdings
  • Due diligence procedures
  • Valuation of companies and shareholdings

Tax consultancy

  • Consultancy and assistance in the calculation of company taxation including that for companies who have adopted International Accounting Standards (IAS)
  • Compilation of tax returns
  • Assistance for resolving problems regarding Sales tax and other indirect taxes
  • Analysis of tax planning opportunities
  • Tax opinions with reference to specific tax and/or accounting questions
  • Assistance in the training of company personnel (training courses held at company premises covering accounting matters, sales tax and taxable income)
  • Tax consultancy for individuals (eg. Compilation of inheritance tax returns)

Statutory and Accounting consultancy

  • Assistance with statutory filing requirements
  • Share capital operations
  • Compilation of shareholder agreements
  • Assistance and consultancy with the preparation of company annual financial statements and interim financial statements to be prepared in accordance with Italian accounting principles or International Accounting Standards (IAS)
  • In house accounting/bookkeeping service for companies

Tax litigation

  • Assistance during tax inspections and in reconciliation procedures with the tax authorities resolving tax disputes (eg. transfer pricing, company tax, sales tax, stamp duty tax, donations tax, production activity tax i.e. IRAP, and imputed tax)
  • Assistance and representation at the Tax Court

Acceptance of Statutory engagements

  • Acceptance of engagement as statutory auditors in share capital companies
  • Acceptance of company audit engagements
  • Acceptance of engagement on company surveillance committees

Valuations and appraisals

  • Valuations of companies and shareholdings
  • Preparation of appraisals including sworn appraisals as required by civil and tax laws for the appraisal of company valuations, estates and shareholdings

International taxation

  • Transfer pricing analysis and preparation of supporting documentation
  • Assistance related to investing in foreign countries
  • Tax planning at international level
  • Foreign country analysis

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