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Legal area

The legal Practice provides judicial and extrajudicial assistance to Companies, Corporate groups, public utilities and individuals in the following privileged sectors of activity:

Company and Commercial Law

  • Assistance to the entrepreneur with problems related to credit collection, customer relationships, suppliers, agents, financial institutions and defining extraordinary operations and related legal requirements

National and international contracts

  • Formulation of local and international contracts (eg. distribution/agency, tenders, labour,) finalized for the protection of the entrepreneur and the company’s assets

Insolvency law and creditor agreements

  • Assistance with creditor settlement agreements. Valuations performed with the entrepreneur related to procedures and agreements on debt restructuring and/or refinancing and restructuring plans. Support with settlement agreements

Company Administrative Responsability, processing of personal data, Data Protection Officer

  • Assistance with the preparation of organisation models as required by Decree Law No. 231/2001. Acceptance of engagements as members of Company surveillance committees
  • Assistance with the fulfilments related to the management of personal data. Availability to acceptance of engagements as Data Protection Officer according to the EU Bylaw 679/2016

Civil disputes

  • Protection and client defence with civil and company contentious matters. Assistance with labour disputes

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